Access to Consumer Reports – Just one click away

When you are making a big purchase such as a new washer and dryer, what are the steps you usually take to research different products?  Do you ask friends for their opinions, or perhaps browse appliance stores in-person to get recommendations from a salesperson?   Another helpful and convenient option might be to check out what Consumer Reports has to say. 

Consumer Reports is a well-known, trustworthy research magazine for evaluating consumer products. 12 issues a year are published, containing ratings and reviews of thousands of consumer products and services.  

Our library has a subscription to both the print and digital editions.  You can visit any library to read or borrow the print magazines, or if you prefer a digital format, browsing Consumer Reports is just one click away.  As long as you have a valid library card and an internet connection, you can  access the Consumer Reports 24/7 anywhere you want. 

The digital edition of Consumer Reports is available via Flipster, which has issues of Consumer Reports, the Consumer Reports Buying Guide, and Consumer Reports on Health from 2015 to the current issue.  Give it a try today.