9 Fun Finds for State Reports in CultureGrams States Edition

Writing a state report for school? Check out CultureGrams for more than just fun facts and maps! Investigate these nine areas of interest while learning about the 50 States in CultureGrams States Edition.

California Republic state flag
California state flag, opens a new window by Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest
  1. Flags: Find all 50 flags in full color. You can also print a flag outline and color it in yourself.
  2. State Symbols: Essential for any state report, discover each state's symbols, including bird, tree, flower, animal, and more. Now you can also listen to the State Bird's song!
  3. History: Delve into the history of each state. Check out a timeline and read more about the major events.
  4. Native Americans: Learn about each state's original Native American inhabitants, including some of their history and cultures.
  5. Recipes: Food is a big part of any culture. Discover traditional recipes from each state. Will you find a new favorite?
  6. Art and Music: Explore art, music, and other "Cultural Notes" from each state's past and present.
  7. Famous People: See the Who's Who list of the famous people born in each state throughout history.
  8. Major League Sports Teams: Find out which major league teams call each state home.
  9. Create Your Own Graphs and Tables: Want a custom graph or table for your state report? Curious how different data points compare? You can now create your own! Go to Graphs and Tables and click the "Create your own" link to get started. Then select the states and categories you want to compare.

Head on over to CultureGrams and sign in with your library card or ecard and PIN, then choose States Edition. Select a state and start exploring!